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Self Improvement & Personal Growth Suite

Helps you to become a better version of yourself. Suitable for Kids and Adults both. You can use GoodApp for Focus, Productivity, Motivation, Self-Improvement, Organised-Life, Learning, Stress-Buster & Better Sleep. 36+ apps in one. Self Improvement Program and 21 days challenges for personal development.

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GoodApp Feature Categories

Swiss army knife of apps
The more you explore, the better it gets.

Personal Development Programs
Digital Wellness
Mental Wellness
Physical Wellness
Growth & Success
Knowledge & Motivation

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Self Improvement Program

Improve your life in 21 days, one step a day. Experts created program for your personality development, become a better version of yourself.

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Self Improvement Program
Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness
Helps to use the phone in a better way and live distraction-free

App Blocker - More focus, less chaos
Notification Assistant - Manages Notifications for you
App Privacy Lock - Keep your personal data safe
Zen Mode - Live peaceful life
Screen Reminder - Take some break
Phone Usage - Check which apps are eating your time

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Most Advanced App Blocker

Our unique app blocker helps you convert your idle time into time to utilise. It supports Parental lock as well.

Future of Notifications is here

Do you know notifications are the main reason to lose focus. What if someone could manage the notifications for you and filter only important ones? Worry not, we have created something very special only for you. Supports Notification Inbox

Zen Mode & Screen Reminder

It will help you save sometime and live peacefully. Subtle reminder to take break from phone is good for eyes.

Mental Wellness
Less stress, more happiness

Word Wizard - A fun game to improve memory, focus and vocabulary
2048- A popular brain game
Connect The Dots - Simple yet powerful stress buster game
Relaxtion Music - Sleep, Relax OR Mediate.
Deep Breathing - One of the best ways to lower stress
Positive Affirmations - Helps you to overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts
Morning Booster - Start your day with positive energy
Tic-Tac-Toe - A classic stress buster & mind exercise

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Mental Wellness
Growth & Success

Growth & Success
A set of tools designed to stay productive and lead an organised life

Habit Builder - Good habits lead to a good life
Habit Breaker - Change your life, one habit at a time
Home Tasker- Home task routines to help you live an organised life
Your personal journal - Your feelings and thoughts at one place
Notes - Minimalistic Notes
Background Music - Mix different sound to create your perfect sound environment to work, study and relax
Pomodoro Timer - A popular time management system that encourages to work with the time rather than against it
Today ToDo - Simple checklist with reminder to lead a productive day
Task Dashboard - Dashboard with calendar view, list view and streak view.
Mood & Sleep Diary - Track your mood/sleep and learn from your behavior
Money Diary - Track your income/expenses

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Knowledge & Motivation
Feed your mind, feed your soul

Interesting facts - Timepass with knowledge, fun and learning
Lifehack tips - Daily tips for your life
General Knowledge - GK practice & Quiz
Vocab Builder - Learn & Improve your English
Word Box - A game designed to improve memory, focus and vocabulary
Quotes & Status - Motivational quotes from famous personalities
What is today? - Events and History about today
Fitness Motivator - Motivational images to keep you focused and fit

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Growth & Success

An All in one Wellness App, All-Rounder Approach for Wellbeing & Self-Improvement

Now it’s easy and convenient to keep a tap on the health and wellness with GoodApp that promises to cater all health needs in one assemble. A perfect assemblage of more than 36 self-improvement apps launched to keep users intact with their health and wellness goals even in this unprecedented time.

With plenty of wellness apps available digitally, but touching only one aspect of the complete wellness phenomenon has led people to install multiple health apps on their phones. Some are offering better food plan or another one is accountable to reach the desire fitness goal but no one takes care of the complete wellbeing and Phone users’ struggle juggling with different apps for tracking what they are looking on to. Here GoodApp is going to make this scuffle sorted with offering the best physical and mental wellness platforms. In the present time, when going outside is a challenge, and keeping oneself productive, proactive, and vigorous is a task in itself. GoodApp is an all in one wellness app that presents a bouquet of digital and mental wellness, brain games, fitness, Growth tools, Knowledge, and Information to improve the quality of life.

The digital detox is a must when the phone has taken an integral part of life but the reliance is surging to impact health and mind negatively. The GoodApp optimizes the use of mobile with App Privacy Lock, Zen Mode, Screen time Reminder, Phone Usage. Word Wizard, Connect the Dots games are the fun brain games that GoodApp offers while the Relaxation Music, Deep Breathing, Positive Affirmations, and Morning Booster keeps the mental health on a check.

Integrated with Pomodoro Timer, Todo Checklist, Habit Builder, Interesting facts, Motivation Quotes & Status The GoodApp is meant to streamline, encourage accessibility and organization. Additionally, the unique feature like App blocker to channelize the idle time into the productive one, that supports parental lock as well and Notification Assistant to organize a messed up day makes the app a simple proven way to boost the health and life.

❤︎ Stay Happy, Healthy and Productive ❤︎

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